Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fancy flower

Here's something I made with Flowpaper! (flowpaper.net). Hope you like it.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Art terms and young children.

When my son Adrian was 3 years old he went to the day care on campus at San Diego State University. even though the college was open on holidays the day care center was closed on holidays like Presidents Day and Labor Day. So, on those days I had to take him to my art classes with me.

When I would take into my art classes, the other students and I will explain to him and try to keep working for him to understand. But we would also use the correct terms. We talked to him about things like conceptual art, foreshortening, composition what are the differences between realism on abstract art.

The staff in the day care center was always saying he was to quiet in class did not participate. they even accused me of not talking to him at home, so they were surprised the class took a field trip to the art department. When the class got to the sculpture found in the courtyard the teacher told them it was abstract art. Adrian spoke up telling the class and the teacher that the sculpture was kinetic art and that kinetic means it moves and non objective art because it didn't have any recognizable objects in it.

He was very proud of himself because he knew something, even the teacher didn't know. the staff in the daycare center was amazed that a  preschooler could learn,  understand and use correctly such big and abstract ideas and words to describe art. His vocabulary was bigger than the other childrens, he was just shy.

Because we all talked to him like and equal when he went to my art classes with me, he had confidence in himself when it came to art.